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Grassroots Community Space…

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Grassroots Community Space is located at 54 Coles St. in Downtown Jersey City.

This is a space that is run by Chelo & Sirena Mercado.  The Grassroots Community Space is home to many local community programs such as Zumba, Belly Dance, Salsa Lessons, Kids Programs, and much more!

The Grassroots Community Space is an establishment founded by artists and supporters of the arts to enrich our community’s quality of life. The venue provides a meeting place for people who want to convene, share ideas, support local artist and explore different aspects of the human experience in a relaxed environment. It has the potential to serve as an instruction space, boutique, holistic practice center, lecture hall, event space and so much more. To view their Full Calendar of Classes Please Click on the Picture Below:


Sirelo Entertainment…

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Partners in life and in work Sirena and Chelo Mercado are a fun, loving husband and wife team.  They are the Founders of Grassroots Community Space and Sirelo Entertainment.  Driven by their love and appreciation of the Arts, this dynamic duo wanted to create a space where all are welcome to explore their ideas at a minimal cost. Their community space Grassroots is a wonderful and diverse place located in Downtown Jersey City, NJ. Many local programs call this place their home, and in the course of a day you can see anything from children’s classes and fitness programs to cultural and special events.

After experiencing all of the diversity and creativity in Jersey City through their community space, Sirena and Chelo decided to start an Entertainment company named Sirelo Entertainment.  Sirelo, a combination of both of their names, and a nickname given to them by their friends, seemed like the perfect name for their new creative venture.  Both artists and hand percussionists,  they brought together elements such as live percussion, dancers, visual effects, live instruments and DJs to create an unforgettable experience that captivated their audiences.   Their company rapidly became known after being given the opportunity to host their very own night at the famous night club Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City.  After the closing of Water Taxi Beach, Sirelo began to host and take part in many of the cultural events around Jersey City such as: Creative Grove Arts Market,  ProArts Closing Parties,  Groove on Grove,  JC Bike Tour,  The Annual All About Downtown Jersey City Street Fair, and The Jersey City Puerto Rican Parade just to name a few.  In New York they have been part of NY Island Party at Water Taxi Beach, The Disorient Bioluminescence Boat Party and Heal & Release Party at Coney Island Boardwalk.

Sirena and Chelo continue to grow their businesses and enjoy their time together as husband and wife.  Their joy and smiles are contagious, and they can often be seen in the middle of the dance floor at one of their many events sharing their love for life with their friends and guests.

Check out Sirelo Entertainment by Clicking on the photo below:



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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Some of my paintings…

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013






Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Ocean's Aphrodite 
The self-produced, self-released Album “Ocean’s Aphrodite”
from Sirena is available on iTunes:

Name Artist Time Price

Your Love Is Sirena 4:36 $0.99 View In iTunes

Run Sirena 4:53 $0.99 View In iTunes

Sentimientos Sirena 3:56 $0.99 View In iTunes

The Struggle Sirena 5:22 $0.99 View In iTunes

Soñando Sirena 6:35 $0.99 View In iTunes

My Heart’s On Fire Sirena 4:14 $0.99 View In iTunes


Also available at: